Thursday, 24 November 2016

here is my work some of my work

My summer on mars
It took 10 months to land on mars but when I did I put on my space suit and headed outside I was so excited. but I had to build a house underground so if and sand storm hit it would not destroy my house. Then when I finally finished a sand storm hit and i had to take shelter just in time. Then after a long sleep I went to explore more of mars after about two hours I saw a green guy running around. I decide to go investigate i followed him and he took me to a marson base there was hover craft so i broke in and and stole their hovercraft and hytek acquitment. I went back to my home and the marsons notice the missing hovercraft and acquitment. So they followed me to my home and i got there first then a sand storm hit
So the masons could not get to my home. The storm lasted for two months and for those months i study the hovercraft a acquitment after the storm i the masons whent to come get me so i had to go back home to earth so i hopped back to my rocketship the end.

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