Tuesday, 1 December 2015

with a thump down the chimney he came

With a thump down the chimney he came he gobbled  the chocolate chip cookies one by one. IT WAS SANTA! He put the presents under the Christmas tree. I ran to my room and got my brothers. They would not get up! Then I noticed my dog was not there. I looked out my window and my dog was playing with one of Santa reindeer. I was not the only one enjoying this moment my dog was too. So I went outside  and Santa gave my dog a toy and a treat  and gave me a present and said Merry Christmas and took off. So me and my dog went to bed.


  1. Hi Jacob, I really liked your post, you did a great job on it. I had a lot of fun reading it. I liked how you gave lots of detail. Maybe next time you can explode a moment in your paragraph. Otherwise, great job!

  2. Hi Jacob, I liked your post, you did a good job on it! I liked it how you put a lot of enthusiasm in your post. I also liked it how you added in your dog playing with one of Santa's reindeer. As a suggestion for next time, maybe you can add some more detail and explain what you were thinking.
    Otherwise, great job!