Monday, 12 October 2015

100 wc

As the flashing lights came towards me, i was working late dusting books at the library. As i started to run behind a book shelf, i noticed a door, i tried the handle but it was locked. Suddenly i heard some one knock at the door peering through the window i spotted a short man with a black coat and a top hat pulled down past his eyes.Then i remembered the back door as i ran toward it i noticed throught the large window, what looked to be a witch with a broom running across the field. I opened the door to my surprise, know one was there, I ran to the gas station next door shouting there after me, to the attendent, he said calm down who is after you, i said a witch and some man dressed in black. He laughed and said don't you know its HALLOWEEN!!!!


  1. H Jacob, nice post towards the beginning of the story you spelt I with a lower case I. Also next time try to stay in the moment a little better towards the end. I like your ending when it was just halloween.

  2. Hi Jacob, great post. I loved the idea of it being in a library at Halloween, it sounds spooky. I also loved your ending when it said its just Halloween, Great job! Just as a suggestion, maybe next time you can stay more in the moment by explaining what you're hearing, thinking and feeling.